Welcome to Peck Cottage

Greetings, friends!  

Years ago, I launched my personal website, http://www.sarahmeadows.com, using my graphic design experience and artistic eye.  Then, like all technology does, the software I used became obsolete and no longer supported.  My computer crashed.  My original files were gone.  For the time being, my website has remained unchanged and is very out of date.  That is not to say I am bidding, "farewell," to my original home on the web.  For now, however, that site remains frozen in time.

Fast-forward to the present.  Much has changed in my life.  I have a new home.  New responsibilities. New friends.  New interests.  A teaching job that keeps me on my toes and hopping all week long.  My life during the work week is very fast-paced. I have a long daily commute consisting of busy interstates and highways.  I teach art to almost 900 children from preschool through 5th grade at two schools.  Sometimes it does not seem like I have enough hours in a day!  Fortunately, at the end of the day, I come home to a very relaxed environment; a tiny village that shaves away the decades from the moment one crosses over into the town limits.

Historic Fincastle, Virginia was founded in the 1770s, before the United States was born.  Home to about 350 people, according to the 2010 census, Fincastle has lovingly preserved its antiquated charm.  I am blessed to call one of its original log structures - Peck Cottage - home.

Peck Cottage was built of hand-hewn logs circa 1784; possibly earlier.  The logs are covered with wooden clapboard siding.  The original house measured 16x20 feet, had a sleeping loft, and a dugout for storage.  Additions were built in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries to make it what it is today.  It still maintains its rustic architectural beauty, and the logs are exposed on the first and second floors.

Peck Cottage has been a restoration work in progress since purchasing it in 2013.  I have done a large part of the work myself.  While the home has been featured on charity tours, Peck Cottage and its gardens are currently not open to the public.  It is, however, included in Historic Fincastle Inc.'s self-guided walking tour of the town.